Fertility Awareness Method Essentials Education

Best of both worlds: A self-paced program, plus hand holding from a FAM Expert, Jaime Lauren

This 3-month education & coaching program will guide you through learning and integrating the FAM method to understand your female body and to confidently avoid pregnancy.

You can expect to spend ~90 mins per module (each cycle), plus a 30min catch up with Jaime to read your charts and check you understand the method with confidence. 


Outline of the Program

  • Introduction
    • 30min consultation where I understand the best way to support you over the next 3 months
    • Get started - Thermometer and app guidelines 
  • Module 1 (Cycle 1): Female Body Literacy
    • What is FAM/Natural Birth Control?
    • Your reproductive anatomy & hormones
    • How to read your fertility signs associated with the menstrual cycle
    • How to chart your fertility signs (Cervical Fluid & BBT)
    • How to confidently identify ovulation!
    • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy
  • Module 2 (Cycle 2): Charting for Health
    • The phases of the cycle
    • Understanding the calculation rules for CF & BBT
    • What is a normal & healthy cycle?
    • How to spot hormonal Imbalances and chart accordingly
    • Review other charts to test your understanding
    • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy
  • Module 3 (Cycle 3): Embody FAM for life
    • How to read your charts (for now and future)
    • Learn 2x additional biomarkers to observe & chart for extra safety (LH strips & cervix) for extra safety
    • Review other charts to test your understanding
    • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy
  • PLUS bonus content: 
    • Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness for cyclical living & emotional awareness
    • 45min Womb Yoga Practice

What you will get...

  • 1 x 20min consultation with Jaime Lauren
  • Learn the FAM method over 3 cycles (3 modules of pre-recorded education)
  • 3 x 30min coaching sessions with Jaime Lauren to read your charts and to make sure you understand the method for your unique cycle!
  • Printable charting materials and reference material 
  • Lifetime access to the recorded material
  • 3 months FREE charting with Read Your Body App
  • Community Facebook group
  • BONUS: bonus content supportive for understanding your menstrual cycle and connecting to your feminine flow


Sign up today to learn how to avoid pregnancy naturally, so you can remove fear from the bedroom and increase your intimacy with yourself and your (future) partner! 


*Payment plan available on request 

$695.00 USD

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